EB-1 Visa Processing

EB-1 Visa Processing

EB-1 Visa Processing

We help foreigners in the top of their field to seize the potential opportunity to achieve permanent residence in the U.S. As applying can be a very complex process, Chan Law Firm will be your right-hand support in simplifying the EB-1 petition process and making your case as strong as possible. Our professional services for EB1 Visa Processing includes:

• Review of client immigration objectives and history;
• Identification of legal issues such as inadmissibility/deportability;
• Development of immigration strategy;
• Task management, including identification of immigration procedures;
• Identification, preparation and filing of necessary legal forms and supporting documents; and
• Coordination and all communication with USCIS.

What Our Clients Need

What We Provide

Knowledge and Expertise
  • Professional and extensive background in EB-1 visas to develop favorable strategies and successful solutions to our clients’ immigration goals

  • Informational articles in the EB1 space to further educate not only our clients but those who are considering this path

Ingenuity and Authenticity
  • Personalized application strategies for every client

  • Genuine concern and passion to our clients’ cases – We aim to build a relationship with you and understand your needs.

  • Professionalism and open dialogue throughout the entire process

Efficiency and Transparency
  • A reasonable and efficient fee structure

  • Organized documentation of each clients’ files

Responsive Communication
  • Keeping clients informed every step of the process

  • 24/7 phone inquiries

  • Constant communication with professional and knowledgeable experts